Amy Stone

Coverage of the A320 crash: mental health in the media

– Amy Stone, Administrator at the University of Sheffield and member of the Medical Humanities Sheffield Student Social Group I love to hate some sections of the press as much as anyone – but can we blame them for saying what so many people think? The Germanwings A320 crash of 24th March 2015 was a […]

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Interview with Michelle Winslow and Sam Smith

Michelle Winslow and Sam Smith lead an oral history project at The Sheffield Macmillan Unit for Palliative Care. Together with project volunteers, they have been making oral history recordings with people in the unit since 2007 with funding from Friends of the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield Hospitals Charity and Macmillan Cancer Support. We caught up […]

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“Anorexia is not a choice” – Interview with Emma Woolf

Emma Woolf is the author of An Apple a Day and The Ministry of Thin and is the great-grandniece of Virginia Woolf. Emma recently gave a talk at Sheffield Students’ Union as part of Off The Shelf Festival of Words 2013. We grabbed 5 minutes to ask about her mission to raise awareness of eating […]

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