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Wellcome Seed Workshop: Suicide, Society and Crisis

January 19, 2018

Organisers: Julie Gottlieb and Stephanie Wright

This is the first of two workshops funded by Julie Gottlieb’s Wellcome Seed Award. 

The aims of the Workshop are as follows:

  • The aims of the Workshop are as follows:
    • To launch the collaborative element of the project
    • To bring together members of the original-named steering committee with those who have joined since the application was funded, to form the core group of a network
    • From historical, comparative and contemporary perspectives, to share research that speaks to the central research question: the correlation between suicide and (inter)national crisis
    • To consider the policy and practical implications and potential of our work, and, for instance, its ability to provide insight into recent suicide epidemics connected to PTSD and veterans of the Iraq Wars, the increase in suicides during the 2008 Financial Crisis, mental health in refugee communities, up to the psychological fallout of Brexit
    • To exchange ideas and share disciplinary perspectives, methods and conceptual frameworks that will place the research questions in cross, multi and interdisciplinary perspectives—to learn from each other
    • To provide input to the call for papers and the planning and organization of the symposium scheduled for 18-19 May, 2018
    • To connect us as researchers, identifying common ground and common concerns, with a view to collaboration and joint applications for further funding, Wellcome and other schemes

Workshop programme

Workshop participants will be paired, and each person will work with someone from a discipline other than their own. Each researcher will be asked to present elements of their research that relate to the central research questions. Papers (approximately 2000-3000 words) will be exchanged before the workshop. On 19 January, each participant will provide a short summary of their research rather than read their papers (10 minutes), followed by a commentary by the partner (10 minutes). There will then be time for Q& A.

9.00-9.30: Welcome and introductions


Panel 1

9.30-9.40:          Chris Millard abstract

9.40-9.50:          Scott Weich comment

9.50-10.00:        Scott Weich abstract

10.00-10.10:       Chris Millard comment

10.10-10.25:       Group discussion



10.30-10.45:       Research Context, Cultures and Collaborations

Annamaria Carusi on Medical Humanities Sheffield


COFFEE BREAK 10.45-11.00


Panel 2

11.00-11.10:       Julie Gottlieb abstract

11.10-11.20:       Maria Teresa Brancaccio comment

11.20-11.30:       Maria Teresa Brancaccio abstract

11.30-11.40:       Julie Gottlieb comment

11.40-12.00:       Group discussion


Panel 3

12.00-12.10:       Laura King abstract

12.10-12.20:       Ian Marsh comment

12.20-12.30:       Ian Marsh abstract

12.30-12.40:       Laura King comment

12.40-12.55:       Group discussion


Comfort break


Panel 4

13.00-13.10:       Sarah Waters abstract

13.10-13.20:       Christian Goeschel comment

13.20-13.30:       Group discussion


Lunch at Appetito on West Street, 13.30-14.30


Panel 5

14.30-14.40:       David Lederer abstract

14.40-14.50:       Phil Withington comment

14.50-15.00:       Phil Withington abstract

15.00-15.10:       David Lederer comment

15.10-15.25:       Group discussion


Panel 6

15.30-15.40:       Gordon Tait abstract

15.40-15.50:       Janet Miron comment (via skype)

15.50-16.00:       Janet Miron abstract (via skype)

16.00-16.10:       Gordon Tait comment

16.10-16.25:       Group discussion


16.30-17.00 Informal round table on future funding and collaborative opportunities.




January 19, 2018


Room G03, Jessop West
1 Upper Hanover Street
Sheffield, S3 7RA United Kingdom
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