Dr Elizabeth Craig-Atkins

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Department of Archaeology, The University of Sheffield

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Dr Elizabeth Craig-Atkins is a human osteologist and archaeologist whose research has explored health, disease and disability in the past from both biological and social perspectives, the character and provision of early Christian funerary practices, and the skeletal analysis of populations from, particularly, the Anglo-Saxon and medieval periods. She is currently working on projects including exploring the relationship between biological status (evidenced through stress markers in the human skeleton) and social status (derived from funerary and documentary evidence) in past populations; and the experience of living with chronic ill health in the past, including impact on lifestyle, availability/efficacy of medical and surgical interventions and inclusion/exclusion as the result of physical impairment. She has extensive experience in teaching human osteology to archaeologists, forensic and biological scientists and has also co-directed field-based courses in the excavation and recording of human remains, promoted the study of skeletons to children of all ages and worked as a consultant forensic anthropologist for Police forces across the UK.