Dr Eran Elhaik

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Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, The University of Sheffield

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Eran is Lecturer working in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences. Eran is a member if the Sheffield Bioinformatics Hub, a new venture jointly sponsored by the Sheffield biology departments (MBB, APS and BMS), two Medical School research centres (SITraN and Sheffield Cancer Research Centre) and the NHS (Sheffield Children’s Hospital Trust).

Eran’s research interests are highly diverse and include Complex Disorders, Population Genetics, Personalised Medicine, and Paleogenomics with focus on big questions and big data. He has a particular interest in mental health disorders and human population genetics. He is the author of approximately 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters in these and other fields. He is the lead-author on half a dozen studies that received international media coverage over the past two years, such as developing the GPS tool to infer biogeography for worldwide individuals with an accuracy of home village, dating the “Adam” Y chromosome, identifying the origin of European Jews, and developing a new genotyping microarray for the Genographic Project. He has an additional methodological research interest in developing tools to promote the fields of genetic genealogy and personalized medicine and software for the benefit of mental health patients.