Kate Adkins

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The Department of Psychology, The University of Sheffield

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Research Postgraduate

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Kate has a background in Psychology and has previously worked in a range of physical and mental health settings.

PhD title: Understanding body shame, stigma, disgust, and depression: How can developing self-compassion help in living with a visible skin condition.

The research aims to develop understanding and awareness of how factors relating to body-image, shame and disgust may contribute to depression in individuals with visible skin conditions, and to establish how self-compassion may mediate this. As part of this, we aim to establish and explore the historic, cultural and emotional concepts of ‘disgusting’ skin. It is hoped that the findings will facilitate the choice of intervention to be used in a feasibility trial of self-help with a population living with a skin condition and comorbid depression.

The PhD is part of a University-funded network examining the role of shame and stigma in relation to a range of diseases.

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Thompson (Psychology), Dr Julia Moses (History), Professor Andrew Messenger (Dermatology) and Professor Paul Overton (Psychology).