Stephanie Wright

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Department of History, The University of Sheffield

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Research Postgraduate

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Stephanie’s thesis, Disabled and Neurotic Nationalist Veterans and Perceptions of Masculinity in Franco’s Spain, 1936-75 aims to explore the experiences of Nationalist veterans of the Spanish Civil War whose mental or physical injuries challenged mainstream notions of Francoist masculinity and health. What was the official stance on such individuals? How did their injuries affect public perceptions of their status as ‘men’ and breadwinners? How did welfare provisions reflect such perceptions? The answers to these questions will provide a new perspective on the issue of gender in Franco’s Spain, and will enable new points of comparison to be drawn from existing literature on the experiences of disabled veterans in other countries. Stephanie’s supervisors are Professor Mary Vincent (History) and Professor Benjamin Ziemann (History).

Academic Background

Associate tutor, HST117: The Making of the Twentieth Century, 2015
MA Modern History, University of Sheffield, 2013-2014
MA (Hons) French and Spanish, University of St Andrews, 2008-2012