Upcoming MHS Seminars

We have an exciting seminar series in store for this semester, from fat activism to the deep-fried Mars bar, and lots in between.

Seminars are normally at 16:00, with the exception of the seminar by Bethan Evans and Stacy Bias on 23rd January, which starts at 15:00. Speakers’ presentations last about 45 minutes, followed by discussion, lasting until about 17:30, and later for those joining us at the pub. Please come along even if you’re only able to make it for the presentation or first hour, as we’ll make time for people in a hurry to leave if they need to.


25.01.2017: Bethan Evans and Stacy Bias, Flying while fat: the socio-material days-appearance of bodies in the air 


30.01.2017: MHS/Insigneo/i-Human event. Klaus Hoeyer, Post-Truth? Personalised medicine, data intensification and evidence in Danish healthcare


22.02.2017:MHS/Philosophy event. Brendan Clarke, Using inference networks to improve evidence-based medicine 


30.03.2017: MHS/Sociology event. Mette Svendsen, Life with a View: Worth, Temporality and Substitution across Species and Dissimilar Spaces


26.04.2017: MHS/History event. Richard Ward, The Criminal Corpse, Anatomists and the Law in Eighteenth-Century England


24.05.2017: MHS event. Christine Knight, Culinary capital and culinary resistance in post-devolution Scotland: Whither the deep-fried Mars bar?