Health Care: The Place of Care Ethics in Medicine

A series of monthly interdisciplinary seminars, 2015-16

4.30pm-6.30pm, in Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 7, University of Sheffield

  • 14th October – Søren Holm (Manchester): ‘Is a Care Ethics Perspective Necessary to Achieve Proper Partiality in Health Care?’
  • 11th November – Ann Gallagher (Surrey): ‘Developing Ethics in Care: Challenges and Opportunities For Applied Ethics’
  • 16th December – Jenny Saul (Sheffield): ‘Care Ethics and Gender: Is There a Connection?’
  • 20th January – Julia Moses (Sheffield): ‘T H Marshall and the Ethics of Care’
  • 17th February – Stephanie Collins (Manchester): ‘Can Institutions Care?’
  • 16th March – Robert Stern (Sheffield): ‘Care for the Other: Løgstrup and Care Ethics’
  • 20th April – Andrew Thompson (Sheffield): ‘The Relational Aspects of Appearance Concern’
  • 18th May – Basil Sharrack (Sheffield): ‘The Ethics of Payment to Participants in Clinical Research’