Dr Heidi Christensen

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Department of Computer Science, The University of Sheffield

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Heidi’s research focuses is on the use of technology to improve the lives of mainly elderly and people with severe physical impairments. She is particularly interested in clinical applications of speech technology, spoken language processing and binaural machine listening, but also in translational issues around bringing speech technology to non-expert users such as teacher and speech therapists. She has worked on numerous EU and EPSRC projects including “homeService”, the assistive technology demonstrator part of the EPSRC Programme Grant “Natural Speech Technology” (EPSRC, EP/I031022/1) where she has developed a state-of-the-art, cloud-based speech recogniser for people with speech disorders.

She is also part of CloudCAST, a Leverhulme Network Grant aiming at putting speech technology in the hands of speech professionals such as speech and language therapists. She has authored more than 40 peer reviewed publications.