Dr Iwan Roberts

Photo of Dr Iwan Roberts.

Radiology Department, Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Email Iwan +44 (0)114 271 7166


More about Iwan

I am a radiologist at the Childrens Hospital – my interests are in education and “community” – working out whether we could do things more effectively if we co-operated more.

I would like to see us develop consultant non-clinical skills (and with that develop the clinical understanding of non-clinical managers).

I believe that we (doctors) often lack assertiveness (whatever that may be) and develop unhelpful responses to the significant challenges that face us – resulting in learned helplessness.

We need to learn more effective responses so that we can lead , teach and manage more effectively.

I would like to see the Childrens Hospital develop as a “Hospital for Well Children” and develop outreach to local schools and break down the barriers between medicine and education.