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The Department of Psychology, The University of Sheffield

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Kate has a background in Psychology and has previously worked in a range of physical and mental health settings.

PhD title: Stigmatisation, media and acne: A mixed methods interdisciplinary approach.

This research aims to examine media portrayals of acne, over time, and the role of media in living with acne. Kate’s thesis comprises of three core studies: (1) a historical media analysis of magazine advertisements; (2) an interview based study exploring women’s’ experiences of living with acne in relation to contemporary media culture; (3) an online survey examining the relationship between social media use and feelings of stigmatisation.

The PhD is part of a University-funded network examining the role of shame and stigma in relation to a range of diseases.

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Thompson (Psychology), Dr Julia Moses (History), and Professor Paul Overton (Psychology).

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