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School of English, The University of Sheffield

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Nicky’s main area of research in recent years has been a study of nuns, particularly the writing of English women living in exile in northern Europe during the period 1600-1800. They produced an amazing array of work, exciting in its diversity and offering new perspectives on a turbulent period of political and religious change.

Nicky has produced four books on the subject including two critical editions of previously unpublished life-writing; an account of witchcraft and exorcism affecting two nuns; and a monograph on the role of the senses in early modern convents. The richness of the nuns’ manuscripts allows interdisciplinary study in several parallel areas: auto/biography; cultural and gender ideologies; death studies and medical humanities; philosophy; religious history and literature; spiritual self-writing.

Her other interests relate to gender, sexuality and writing. She has published essays and a book on this subject too.

Currently Nicky is working on the topic of ‘phantom limbs’ in literature.