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The School of Clinical Dentistry, The University of Sheffield

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Sarah is a Reader in Psychology and Health Psychologist in the Unit of Dental Public Health, School of Clinical Dentistry. Her research interests centre on the impact of oral health conditions on children, families and adults and how they adjust to, participate in and share decision making about their treatment for such conditions including cleft lip and palate, head and neck cancer, orthognathic surgery, tooth decay and dental trauma. Other interests include firstly, the development, implementation and evaluation of person-reported outcome measures (PROMs) within clinical research and practice and secondly, life course perspectives and statistical modelling in relation to oral health disparities, psychosocial determinants and well-being.

Sarah is group lead of the Person-centred and Population Oral Health Research (PAPOR) group in the School of Dentistry. The group is an interdisciplinary team of academics and researchers from social science and clinical disciplines including psychology, sociology, dental public health, social policy, orthodontics and paediatric dentistry. The group has a range of research interests including participation and shared decision making in dentistry, the person centred evaluation of oral health care, and society, the mouth and dentistry.