Tom Broomhead

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School of Clinical Dentistry, The University of Sheffield

Email Tom +44 (0)114 271 7887

Research Postgraduate

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Tom has a background in social and spatial geography, and he is currently working as a Research Assistant in the School of Clinical Dentistry.

Tom’s PhD project in on the socio-economic effects of geography on oral health. Currently there is a lack of theoretical work surrounding ‘place’ effects on health outcomes, much less in relation to oral health. Previous analyses have often failed to take into account the inter-related functions and feedback mechanisms between individual level characteristics and those of the local environment. Often outcomes are simply quantified with little explanation as to why these patterns occur.

The aim of his research is to investigate how ‘place’ determines patterns of spatial inequalities in oral health, and why such patterns exist. He aims to conceptualise which resources are required to meet the oral health needs of populations, and use this to test numerous pathways by which place affects oral health. To do this, Tom will use agent based modelling to bridge the gap between individual and environmental characteristics, as well as agents above these levels (e.g. local government), and to measure these dynamic interactions.