Vanessa Campanacho

More about Vanessa

Vanessa is a bioanthropologist currently doing a the Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield.

The main goal of her Ph.D. thesis is to determine if skeletal size (stature, weight, robusticity and the surface area of the os coxae articulations) affects bone degenerative rate at the pubic symphysis, the auricular surface of the ilium and the acetabulum, and how that may affect age at death estimation in adults skeletons. This study comprises samples from two skeletal collections (19th to 21st centuries). Vanessa has also been involved in the study of age estimation of immature individuals; cremated remains’ analysis; and the establishment of sex diagnosis methods. Currently, she is also involved in Paleopatological and epidemiological studies of past populations; and on the investigation of secular trends on femoral sexual dimorphism in Portuguese individuals since the 19th century.