Dr Victoria Chico

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School of Law, The University of Sheffield

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Victoria’s research focuses on how English tort law might respond to novel legal challenges. In particular she is interested in how the tort of negligence might respond to perceived harms which might arise in the context of new medical and genetic services. Within this context Victoria focuses on how the concept of autonomy might function as a comprehensive basis for arguing that circumstances arising from novel services which would not hitherto have been considered to be harm, could in fact be perceived as harmful. This autonomy focus is a central feature in her recently published book, Genomic Negligence.

She is keen to supervise on aspects of medical law and the tort of negligence. Particularly where the focus is on novel forms of damage arising from medical or genetic services and the challenge these might present for negligence law. She is particularly interested in the concept of autonomy as the theoretical basis for the analysis of the interface between negligence and medical law.