Dr Victoria Williamson

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Department of Music, The University of Sheffield

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“Vicky is a Visiting Professor of Performance Science at the Hochschule Luzern – Musik (Switzerland) and Vice Chancellors Fellow for the Arts and Humanities at the University of Sheffield. Vicky is based in the music department at Sheffield though her research and teaching interests cross the interdisciplinary boundary between music and psychology. She is trained in both disciplines having completed her MA in the Psychology of Music at Sheffield and her PhD in the Psychology of Music in Memory at the University of York.

Vicky has published in the following areas: shared language and music processing, musicians’ memory skills, congenital amusia (tone deafness), and earworms (tunes that get stuck in the head). Her work has been covered widely in national and international press, and she is the webmaster of the popular educational blog: Music Psychology.

Vicky has completed several industry partnerships including working with children’s music provider ‘Jo Jingles’, and with music hardware manufacturer and record producer ‘Linn’. She maintains an active interest in the impacts of music on everyday life during activities such as driving, language learning, and studying. The story of how music impacts on everyday life is the subject of her book ‘You Are The Music: How Music Reveals What It Means To Be Human’ (Icon Books) which will be published in spring 2014.

Vicky’s present research remit is to develop a research centre at Sheffield that focuses on the impacts of music on health and wellbeing. Her current collaborations in this field include a study of music during MRI scanning with St Thomas’ Hospital (London), and research into the impact of music on sleep quality with the Sleep and Cognition Lab (University of Lincoln)”