MHS student awarded Professor David Locker Research Scholarship

MHS student Tom Broomhead has recently been awarded the Professor David Locker Research Scholarship. Tom, whose PhD is titled  ‘Neighbourhood effects – spatial inequalities in oral health’, is currently approaching the fourth year of his PhD.  Tom writes that through this research: “I have been able to apply my geographical knowledge to a new field (dental public health), which has produced some fascinating results. I am incredibly grateful to Medical Humanities Sheffield for their generosity in awarding me a scholarship, without which I would not have been able to pursue my current research. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the group, meeting new people, and getting to see the wide variety of research that takes place within the centre. As of writing I have finished my theoretical work and the first stage of my simulation modelling. I am currently finishing the second stage of this simulation modelling, and hope to finish in the next 3-6 months. I have recently been awarded the Professor David Locker Research Scholarship, which is a great honour and will allow me the time I need to finish my simulation modelling, and write up my results.”

Tom’s current research is outlined in the following link (