Stella Villarmea

I am Professor of Philosophy at the University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain, where I teach ‘Theory of Knowledge’, ‘Philosophy, Gender, and Emancipation’, and ‘Contemporary Thinkers’. I have been awarded a Marie S. Curie Fellowship by the European Research Council (ERC) to conduct the research, ‘Controversies in Childbirth: from Epistemology to Practices’ (VOICEs), at the University of Oxford, 2018-20. I am the Principal Investigator of ‘Philosophy of Birth: rethinking the Origin from Medical Humanities (PHILBIRTH), a research project funded by the Ministry of Economy of Spain, and I will be seconded to Medical Humanities, University of Sheffield, for part of the project ‘Controversies in Childbirth’.

I am interested in the moral and political justification of our beliefs, and in the relationship between knowledge and emancipatory action. I am currently doing research on the Philosophy of Birth and how our concepts of pregnancy and childbirth reflect our view of the world and of human being. I have previously published on epistemology (Wittgenstein and skepticism) and ethics (Kant and Levinas), with and/or without a gender approach.
I have been Adjunct Professor at University of Saint Louis and Visiting Professor at Universities like Humboldt and Paderborn (Germany), Lund (Sweden), Marie Curie (Poland), Kent and Oxford (United Kingdom).
I have been the Head Coordinator of the Degree of Humanities, and its Coordinator of International Programs, at University of Alcalá.
I am co-Speaker of The International Association of Women Philosophers (IAPh) and member of the board of The Spanish Network of Philosophy (REF).