Studentships and Teaching

MA Medicine in Society

  • Our new MA Programme in Medicine in Society will begin in September 2019, offering new opportunities for post-graduate students and medical students looking to intercalate.  More information here.


Funding opportunities for studentships:

Current medical humanities related teaching and supervision

  • Current PhD supervision and co-supervision include projects by Peter Winter, Jacob Downs, Victor C Wolemonwu, Lijiaozi Cheng and Zheng Yang.
  • PhDs associated with Medical Humanities on the Intoxicants project
  • Catherine McAllister has started her Wellcome Doctoral Studentship, the outbreak of a condition called Epidemic Encephalitis in Sheffield during the 1920s and the 1930s.
  • For a full list see Postgraduates.
  • Continuing undergraduate research and training opportunities for medical students, including intercalated undergraduate degrees (BMedSci) focused around the medical humanities. In the academic year 2017-8, Grace Elliott and Amy Wilson have researched patient narratives and clinician narratives of illness and their rise and and roles in the 20C with Chris Millard and Ian Sabroe. Amy Wilson presented her research at the Wounded Healer conference in London.  Past projects have examined narratives of disease, aspects of the history of medicine, and the exploration of medical thinking through studies of previous medical models and eras. Ian and Chris are also supervising another intercalating medical student doing a BMedSci, Sally Mather, who is researching ideas of complexity in general practice in the twentieth century.
  • Ian Sabroe and Annamaria Carusi are teaching two ILAs in the Medical School: ‘What is Disease’ (Spring) and ‘Being a Doctor’ (Autumn). These are 5 week opportunities for independent learning for medical schools, to explore topics in medicine.
  • Annamaria Carusi teaches Philosophy of Medicine as a Level 3 and Masters module. This is a cross-disciplinary Medicine and Philosophy module, and forms part of the MA in Philosophy.

Previous projects

  • The PhD network ‘Shame and Stigma’ examines the impact of diseases traditionally associated with shame or stigma. All students are supervised by at least two faculties, with three projects examining the history of alcoholic liver disease, visible skin conditions,  and the optimal management of specific neurological conditions.
  • Medical Humanities Sheffield made two direct PhD student appointments:
    • Sarah Gelcich’s project ‘Shared decision making in primary care consultations: Communicating risk to patients with type 2 diabetes’ is supervised by Dr Gareth Walker (English) and Dr Steven Ariss (School of Health and Related Research).
    • Tom Broomhead‘s project ‘How the mouth fits into the body: Using agent-based models to investigate spatial inequalities in oral health’ is supervised by Dr Sarah Baker (Dentistry) and Dr Dimitris Ballas (Geography).
  • Previous BMedSci projects include Amy Goddard’s project on narrative medicine, supervised by Professor Ian Sabroe (Medicine) and Professor Brendan Stone (English);  Mairead Deneny’s project on ‘Alcohol and Renaissance Medicine’, supervised by Professor Phil Withington (History) and Professor Dermot Gleeson (Medicine); Robert Dunk’s project on ‘David Daniel Davies and his translation of the “Treatise on Insanity” in 1806’, supervised by Dr Karen Harvey (History) and Professor Markus Reuber (Medicine)
  • Professor Tamara Hervey (Law) and Professor Paul Hatton (Dentistry) led an interdisciplinary PhD network on ‘The Construction of Human Perfection’. The three PhD students were Richard Woodall, Ninu Paul, and Morgan Shimwell.